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What to Put in a Resume. Make sure your resume contains everything the employer needs to be convinced that you are a good match for the position. A complete resume includes the following sections. Learn other basic resume rules. Contact Information. Contact information should be placed on top of your resume. It should be easy and quick to read. Is it okay to write poker as one of my interests/hobby in a ... Poker develops a lot of skills that are useful for business... competitiveness, strategic thinking, risk management, etc. Plus there's a chance you'll run into a recruiter who also plays, and then you'll have something in common to talk about. It's definitely a better thing to put on your resume than "smoking crack" or "member of Mensa"*.... Slot Technician Resume Samples | JobHero

Dec 13, 2017 · should I put 2 part time summer jobs on my resume? I Quit My College Finance Club-- Still Put it on Resume? Poker on a Resume? Should I put an internship I did a shitty job at on my resume? Should I bother putting that I interned for a CFP on my resume? should i put this on my resume? How to put overseas work experience locations on resume?

Casino Floor Supervisor Resume Sample | LiveCareer Jun 01, 2009 · Dependable and honest Casino Floor Supervisor has excellent monitoring and evaluative skills of table game dealers.Has excellent interpersonal and customer service skills and believes strongly in casino policy and procedure adherence by all staff.Has more than seven years of experience as a Casino Floor Supervisor and a high school diploma. Security Guard Resume Examples {Created by Pros

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15 Things You Should Know About 'Dogs Playing Poker' | Mental Floss Thanks to Dogs Playing Poker, painter Cassius Marcellus Coolidge (a.k.a. C.M. .... has been described as a hustler whose résumé showed quite a few career changes. ... Then in 2005, A Bold Bluff and Waterloo: Two were put up for auction in ... Poker on resume? | Wall Street Oasis Online Poker on Resume? (Originally Posted: 08/28/2009) I'm looking to fill up my resume with as much quant/stats type stuff as I can (liberal arts major lacking work exp). I've been playing online poker since high school and have built up a very small bankroll (~$50) to a relatively big one (several thousand).

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interviewing - Should I include poker on my resume? - The Workplace ... (Disclaimer: I am not a hiring manager or an HR professional.) Put down something, but come up with a professional sounding euphemism for it. Don't phrase it ... Poker on resume? : poker - Reddit